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Business scope: Production and sales: tin cans, packaging materials, packaging boxes; sales: metal products

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  Dongguan XinYu Tin Can Manufactory Co., Ltd

Located in the "International Manufacturing City" in Dongguan, Guangdong Province, one of the key canning factories, and Tangxia, Alibaba's gold supplier is the first choice for quality, and has won the honor of "National Market Quality, Service Integrity Demonstration Unit" worldwide.

The company produces a wide range of products, mainly food cans, and other miscellaneous cans. The main products are:

(1) Moon cake tin box, candy tin box, biscuit tin box, tea tin box, piggy bank

(2) Health products, Christmas gifts, cosmetic tin boxes, facial mask tin boxes, wrist cans

(3) Cigarette cases, white wine cans, red wine tins, wine tins, heart-shaped tins

(4) U disk tin box, bluetooth earphone tin box, rechargeable battery tin box, mobile phone film packaging electronic product tin box

    Since the establishment of the company in 2003, the company regards quality as the lifeline of the company, and implements ISO9001:2015 quality management with the quality policy of "careful production, continuous improvement of product quality; continuous




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Address:No. 5, Xinhe 1st Road, Shitanpu, Tangxia Town, Dongguan City

improvement to continuously meet customer needs; increase efficiency and promote enterprise development" Guarantee system, full participation, always put product quality first, provide mid-to-high-end packaging, reasonably priced products, and improve product packaging taste for customers. Due to the good quality, courteous service and timely delivery of the tin can products, the products have been successfully sold to Japan, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Belgium, Australia, Turkey, South Korea, Thailand and other Middle East, South America and Southeast Asia. Many countries have received unanimous praise from customers over the years. Choose Xinyu can making fine tin box packaging to make your products icing on the cake!

Business scope: Production and sales: iron cans, packaging materials, packaging boxes; sales: metal products.

The company has a group of senior professional and technical personnel and management backbones who have been engaged in the can-making industry for many years, and has a team of employees who have undergone rigorous training, good team spirit and excellent quality. The company introduces advanced can-making equipment at home and abroad, adopts the latest can-making production technology, continuously improves technology, promotes technological progress, develops new products, and actively develops markets to meet customer needs.

The company can produce packaging boxes (cans) of various shapes and specifications and other sundries cans according to customer needs. The main products are:

1. Packaging tin boxes (cans) for dairy products, health products, chicken essence, condiments, etc.

2. Outer packaging tin boxes (cans) for moon cakes, candies, biscuits, chocolates, specialty dried fruits, foods and other products

3. Outer packaging tin boxes (cans) for all kinds of tea, wine, tobacco, watches, knives, ceramic tableware and other products

4. Outer packaging boxes of various electronic products, toys, jewelry, leather goods, lamps, exquisite gifts and holiday promotional items.

5. Other packaging boxes (cans) for other products.

  Our company strives for survival based on the tenet of "reputation first, price concessions, and achieving a win-win", and strives for development in the direction of "continuous improvement and continuous innovation". Products from design, mold printing, can production to packaging one-stop service, to provide customers with strong guarantees and services for product quality.

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